How to Apply Dramatic Colorful Eyeliner (2024)

How to Apply Dramatic Colorful Eyeliner is a way to increase the attraction of eyes. Different people used to get different types of eyeliners that looks really nice. Everyone used a Black color eyeliner for once, but What about to experience a colorful dramatic eyeliner. Here we are discussed what is the easiest and quickest way to apply dramatic colorful eyeliner. It is all up to you to select a perfect Color for dramatic eyeliner. You should try bright colors, mostly Red, Yellow, Blue a Green colors are used for this purpose. Eyeliner is the last thing that you apply, after your complete eye makeup. It is a huge responsibility to apply a perfect eyeliner without any hassle.

How to Apply Dramatic Colorful Eyeliner (2024)

When you have done then to eyeliner, then your makeup. You want to grab a White Kajol or White eye pencil and just line your eyes like you want your eyeliner to look. If you use a winged liner, you just want to keep it to your lash line, it depends on you. But, using a White Kajol you are creating a bright base, which is going to make any color. Now, it’s time to play with eye shadow palette with bright colors. Choice what kind of colors you want to do with your eyeliner. Preferably, bright colors better. You have to try matte shades, it looks super excited instead of shimmer. Take a tinny little brush and whatever with you are comfortable, applying the eyeshadow with.

Take some water to get a perfect liquid eyeshadow. After which you have to apply it on your lash line. It looks so intense with all the colors. You should try this with Purple also. It looks amazing, gives you a pop look. It should be perfect for your daytime outings or even late night parties. Not only that, but it looks so good also very long-lasting and reliable eyeliner. You have to try this for once. Make sure that, the eyeshadow paste should not be much thinner but, a bit thick to apply easily. It should be perfect match with western dresses or shaggy outfits to apply this dramatic colorful eyeliner.

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